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                                                      Qingdao Sixth People’s Hospital

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                                                      Qingdao Sixth People's Hospital was founded in 1906. It is a first-class infectious disease prevention and treatment hospital in the region, integrating clinical, teaching, scientific research, prevention, and health care, as well as a specialized hospital for diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases. It is a national demonstration base for hepatobiliary disease prevention and treatment technology, a national clinical base for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases by traditional Chinese medicine, a national hepatitis B mother-to-child zero transmission project hospital, a national fatty liver standard diagnosis and treatment center, a China chronic hepatitis B clinical cure (Everest) project hospital, Qingdao University Medicine The teaching hospital, Qingdao Medical Insurance and Commercial Insurance Designated Hospital, Qingdao Liver Disease Research Institute, Qingdao Infectious Disease Quality Control Center. The six-medical complex of Qingdao Public Health Center is currently under construction. It will be officially opened in 2022. After completion, it will have a building area of 70,000 square meters and a total of 800 beds in the hospital. The century-old hospital is about to bloom. The hospital currently has more than 500 employees and a group of well-known experts and professors in the field of liver disease and infectious diseases. There are 101 senior professional and technical talents, 9 master and doctoral supervisors, 127 masters and doctors, and a capable nursing team represented by the "Nightingale" medal winner Li Guimei. With the development direction of “refining infection disciplines, strengthening liver disease disciplines, and broadening comprehensive disciplines”, the hospital strives to become a “strong specialist, refined comprehensive” hospital. It is currently undergoing a period of transformational development, high-quality development, and rapid development. Disciplinary construction is the core competitiveness of the hospital's development, as well as the core service force to ensure the health of the masses. The liver disease department of the hospital has been assessed by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a national key construction unit during the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period. The Integrated Western Medicine Liver Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center is a key discipline of Qingdao's health industry, and the Chinese medicine clinic is the "Chinese Medicine Demonstration Clinic". At present, the hospital has more than 30 clinical medical technical departments, including internal medicine, surgery, liver disease, gastroenterology, infectious disease, traditional Chinese medicine, integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, interventional medicine, and dermatology. It is gradually expanding and focusing on cultivating the disciplines of endoscopic therapy, interventional therapy, surgery, emergency, tumor, comprehensive internal medicine and critical care medicine.

                                                      Qingdao Sixth People’s Hospital adheres to the "function positioning of infectious disease prevention and treatment, the characteristics of liver disease diagnosis and treatment, and comprehensive medical service capabilities" and the "troika" simultaneously exerts its efforts, bravely assumes social responsibilities, adheres to the feelings of the people, and treats "I do practical things for the people." "Integrated into the whole process of hospital development

                                                      Address: No. 9 Fushun Road, Shibei District, Qingdao 

                                                      Zip code: 266033

                                                      Patient Service Center Tel: 0532-81636700

                                                      Fax: 0532-81636688

                                                      Bus route: Take bus 36, 126, 309, 602, 607, 33, 210, 219, 224, 374, 378 to Polytechnic University Station

                                                      Parking lot: There is a parking lot in the hospital 

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